O/U Jackpot – Win up to € 2 Million – guess where the goals’ll be scored!

13 Matches

€ 50 K - 12 Matches

O/U Jackpot

1Crewe - Stockport County
2Luton - Cardiff
3QPR U21 - Cardiff U21
4Salford - Walsall
5Birmingham - Blackburn
6Harrow - FC Halifax
7Banbury - Coalville
8Bastia - St Etienne
9Paris FC - Pau FC
10Metz - Rodez
11Sochaux - Valenciennes
12Dergview - Newington
13Newcastle - Southampton

O/U Jackpot - Pick 13

Cost per game: € 20

    How to Play O/U Jackpot

    Pick 13 matches where you think teams will score Over 2,5 goals, or finished Under 2,5 goals

    If your matches are with the same results as you predict them - you’ll win up to €2 Million!

    12 correct wins the top share of the Pool - €50K

    11 correct wins a consolation prize

    *€2M is shared in the event of multiple winners
    *Increase your chances of winning a share of the Pool by selecting more than one outcome in each match!

    Terms and Conditions

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